The best way to reach me is via email:


You can often find me at COM2-03-03 (COM2 Building, 3rd Floor, Room 03-03).

My snail mail address is:

13 Computing Drive, COM2-03-03,
Singapore 117417,

For Students

If you’re a NUS graduate student in CS looking for a supervisor, email me indicating your research interests along with a CV. Have a look at the CLeAR website for the work we do.

If you’re a NUS undergraduate student, email me and mention you’re interested in a FYP or UROP project. I sometimes hire NUS interns during term-time and summer break, but this depends on availability of projects and funds.

If you’re not a NUS student, then please apply first. I’m typically unable to work with you unless you’re a NUS student or an official exchange student. Please note that admission decisions are made by the department so, I am unable to guarantee you a place in the PhD/Masters program.

If you’re not a NUS or exchange student, I’m afraid I’m unable to accommodate you at the moment. Please do not send me emails asking for summer internships. I receive too many of such emails and am unable to respond to each of them individually.