I’m very fortunate to work with exceptional postdocs and students. If you’re interested in the research we do, consider joining us.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Dr. Yong Li
  • Active Recruiting! Join us!

PhD Candidates

  • Ms. Xie Yaqi
  • Mr. Abdul Fatir Ansari 
  • Ms. Sruthi Goranthla
  • Mr. Chen Kaiqi
  • Mr. Sreejith Balakrishnan (co-supervised with Bryan Low)
  • Mr. Tasbolat Taunyazov (co-supervised with Yan Wu)

Masters Candidates

  • Mr. Valentin Vignal
  • Mr. Teekayu Klongtruajrok

Research Assistants

  • Mr. Sng Weicong
  • Mr. Kok Bing Cai


  • Dr. Yi Zhengkun (now Faculty at Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Dr. Indu Prasad (now a Postdoctoral Fellow, Cambridge University)
  • Dr. Young Lee (now a Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University)
  • Ms. Chua Kayi
  • Ms. Li Xinyu (MComp, now at A*STAR)
  • Mr. Manas Gupta (MComp, now at A*STAR)
  • Mr. Pan Shu (MSc., now at Thomson Reuters)
  • Mr. Chen Xukun (MComp, now at GovTech)