MarshMelonNut (Mis)-Adventure…

After watching this tutorial,


Kyu Hwa had the great idea to replicate it. So, we gave it a go:

It didn’t taste good. Our experience was that marshmallows and watermelons do not go together. Neither does peanut butter.

We ended up eating the ingredients separately.

But maybe we did it wrong. For example, we cut the watermelon the wrong way. Also, we made only 2/3 holes; Mr Willett made 4 holes. Perhaps we used the wrong kind of watermelon / marshmallow / peanut-butter.

P.S. This is what happens when you have PhD students working 10-12 hours a day in the summer.

Steak Night and A Submission

Had a great time with the gang watching the Olympics closing ceremony. Coincidentally, we had another steak night. Yummy. Hats off to Kyu Hwa the Chef!

In other news, just submitted a paper on ARTY (and a trial-run by a child with special needs) to the IROS Workshop on robotic wheelchairs — fingers crossed that it’ll get accepted. Will put up a pre-print soon. If you are in the field, I recommend checking out the workshop on shared-control (organised by Tom Carlson at EPFL) at this year’s SMC.

Next week will be busy for us as we gear up for the Summer School.

Steak Night with Friends

Had an awesome steak night with Kyu Hwa, Sing and Miguel. Fresh north highland fillet and sirloin with Miguel’s famous secret sauce.

Miguel’s no-longer-secret sauce recipe:

Dice 1 onion, 2 tomatoes and a hand-full of coriander.

Mix together with (the best) olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 1 lemon).

Add salt to taste. Enjoy!