The ability of humans to navigate our environment is heavily dependent on the quality and speed of sensing. Tactile sensing, or the sensation of touch and pressure, is especially important for both coarse and fine object manipulation tasks, such as handling parcels and writing. Humans utilize tactile sensing data in real time for muscle path planning, fast tactile perception, tacto-object recognition, and overall human mobility. Similarly, robots tasked with service activities that require interfacing with humans or objects require fast and reliable tactile feedback.

This project aims to design and build a new prototype of tactile force sensor that is high-speed, accurate, density-scalable with integrated machine-learning capabilities. In our group, we are particularly interested in how this next-generation skin can be used to enhance physical human-robot collaboration.

Group Team Members: Tasbolat Taunyazov, Sng Weicong, Yi Zhengkun
Funded by: National Robotics Programme (NRP)

We just got started! More information coming soon!