Been a while…

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. My excuse is that I’ve been busy but who isn’t? 😉 Just submitted a couple of conference papers with another journal paper in the review stage—I’ll post them up here soon. I’m excited about one of the conference papers which ties complex networks metrics with machine learning (specifically, centrality with a sparse GP), which can have applications in a broad range of areas.

Working at SMART has been quite enjoyable this past year; from hanging out in the (autonomous vehicle) garage to data analytics @ the fishbowl (pictures to come). A few of my fellow postdocs have moved on to greener pastures since I joined, which has gotten me thinking about what lies ahead. As usual, there is some internal tension brewing between choosing academia or industry. I’m would prefer the former but am open to the latter—given the limited number of tenure-track faculty positions available, I believe this to be the best perspective. Anyone with experience have any thoughts?

I’ll update more often from now on given I’ve mostly settled down into a routine. Oh, and I’m engaged so, a wedding next year. Crazy, exciting time in my life!

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