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Online Temporal Library Alpha Release

After a couple of weeks of putting it off, I’m releasing an alpha version of the Online Temporal Learning (OTL) C++ library, which can be used for learning time-series in an online environment (samples are processed one at a time). The Online Echo State Gaussian Process (OESGP) and Spatial-Temporal Online Recursive Kernel Gaussian Process (STORK-GP) algorithms are part of this library.

Find the code at bitbucket

And be sure to check out the Getting Started Guides on the wiki.

Comments/Criticisms/Bug reports are welcome! Though, depending on my workload, replies may be slow in coming. Have fun!

P.S.: If you’re looking for the OESGP Experimental setup scripts, you can find them here.

Clone all Repos from a Bitbucket source

I have about 22 repositories on bitbucket and downloading them can be a pain. Here’s a short script to make life easier:

#Script to get all repositories under a user from bitbucket
#Usage: [username]

curl -u ${1}${1} > repoinfo
for repo_name in `grep \"name\" repoinfo | cut -f4 -d\"`
	hg clone ssh://${1}/$repo_name

UPDATE: Corrected a typo. Many thanks to fr3d3r1cbaz1n for pointing it out! Also, as fr3d3r1cbaz1n noted, this script only works for Mercurial but git users can easily change the hg command to git.


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